20-Year Warranty. Because we can afford it.



Especially when it comes to heat and electricity, security of supply is crucial. With solar solutions from GASOKOL, you rely on the most constant energy source of all: the sun.

We have perfected our way of working over almost half a century, having thus become one of the most reliable partners in the field of solar energy throughout Austria and in Europe.
For that reason, we can afford to give you a 20-year warranty.

Defects resulting from manufacturing faults or from using inferior materials in the products we manufacture will be repaired by us free of charge.
The trust and satisfaction of our customers are enormously important to us – that is why our warranty promise goes beyond the legally stipulated minimum.

The warranty period starts as of the date of production (year + calendar week on type plate). Any warranty claim may exclusively be submitted to the contractual partner of GASOKOL GmbH. The warranty period and the scope of application are fixed in the customer’s master data sheet, as amended. These warranty provisions are only valid according to our GTC and in connection with a written agreement with GASOKOL GmbH.

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Any defect discovered on a solar collector manufactured by us must be reported to GASOKOL GmbH without delay. This may be a functional or material defect.

In the event of a warranty claim, GASOKOL shall decide on the delivery of a replacement collector or the rectification of the defect. GASOKOL shall retain title to all parts and products being replaced. Any redhibitory action is excluded.



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Installation and commissioning must be carried out by a licensed specialist company in accordance with the applicable standards, technical regulations and the installation instructions.

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Only a heat transfer medium with propylene glycol antifreeze and corrosion protection inhibitors (GASOKOL corroStar), or an antifreeze approved in writing by GASOKOL GmbH may be used to fill the solar circuit.

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Original GASOKOL components are used for all fixings, elevations and collector flashings.

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The solar collectors are covered and protected from direct sunlight until the solar system is filled and commissioned.

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A maintenance of the solar system must be carried out by a licensed specialist company at least every second year in accordance with the manufacturer’s information, which must be documented in acceptance or maintenance records.

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The unit has not been exposed to aggressive media.

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The defect has not been caused by defective installation, action of frost, overpressure, system overheating, by adverse weather conditions or by breakage of glass.

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The defect hast not been caused by acts of nature beyond control or by third parties.

Improper use of the solar system, as well as unauthorised repairs shall exclude any warranty in the above sense.

No transport, labour or other costs incurred shall be borne for consequential damage, reduced yield or replacement deliveries. The labour costs associated with the replacement of the goods, if any, as well as the expenses incurred to detect the deficiency shall be borne exclusively by the contractual partner (unless otherwise agreed in writing).

Excluded from the warranty are accessories, connection and joining pieces, fastening components and sheet metal frames as well as colour deviations on the surface, on the absorber and on the collector covering. All other components are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranty periods

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