We are sons of the sun. Sunny minds. And most of all: Visionaries.

Gasokol Familientradition

Our philosophy

We are working today on the solutions for the challenges of tomorrow

“A solar system must last at least as long as the roof,” says Erwin Gattringer, a solar pioneer from the very beginning. And GASOKOL and its team have been working according to this credo for over 40 years. That way, solar system after solar system has been designed, manufactured and installed, each of them meeting the highest demands in terms of shape and function. For climate protection, energy autonomy and a green future.

A lot has changed in 40 years. Our solar solutions have become more efficient, more affordable and more aesthetic. However, one thing has remained the same: our motivation. We love working with solar energy just as much as we did on day one, and we work with creativity and heart and soul on new innovations so that you and your customers can use the free energy of our sun even more efficiently.

This has resulted in attractive solutions for perfectly integrating solar systems into façades and roofs. Solar thermal collectors with printed glass maintain the charm of a building, while countless frame colour options and custom frame shapes ensure a perfect fit. Working in partnership with the innovative start-up 3F Solar [Solar Hybrid], which has developed the SOLAR ONE hybrid collector manufactured by us, we are ushering in a new era of energy autonomy, and we are excited to see where the journey will take us. Because energy autonomy means self-determination, a green future and cost savings all rolled into one.

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Our values

Verlässlichkeit GASOKOL


We are on your side.

Partnerschaft GASOKOL


We communicate as equals.

Aufrichtigkeit GASOKOL


We build on long-term relationships.


Energy-autonomous with solar energy

Since 1981, we have been consistently developing solar products and our knowledge of solar energy to support our solar partners. Our long-standing employees are happy to share the expertise they have built up in systems engineering and installation planning with loyal & new customers. With every solar project that we implement with one of our partners or independently, we contribute directly to climate protection.


It all started in the private home of Erwin and Gertraud Gattringer, where the company took its course from the office set up there. At the railway station at Grein, a small wooden building was soon rented as a warehouse.


In the mid-1980s, it was necessary to invest heavily to buy the company building at Grein 1. By the end of the 1980s, the first solar collectors were already being produced there.


In the 1990s, the site was expanded twice and finally another production facility was opened at Dimbach.


In 2002, GASOKOL Heiztechnik- und Energiesparsysteme GmbH was opened at the Grein 2 site, and 5 years later the international production and sales site at Saxen was completed, where our staff are still tinkering and working on your solar solutions today.


Ronald Gattringer took over the operations and the management in 2014. Together with his team of motivated, competent and experienced employees, he wants to further underpin GASOKOL’s position as a pioneer in the solar industry with green products and innovative solutions.

Gasokol Team Arbeiter vor Solarkollektor



We are always looking for committed employees who share our vision of an energy-autonomous future.