Exceptional collectors. For special requirements. 

Solar collectors are produced in any number of variants, sizes and colours according to requirements.

GASOKOL, The Solar Manufactory, produces thermal solar collectors in Austria. The latest technologies, combined with professional craftsmanship and innovative expertise, guarantee precise workmanship. This enables expertise in developing individualised solutions for special requirements. 

We are happy to honour dimension specifications and customer requests within the bounds of technical feasibility. 

  • Highly selective solid copper absorber with intelligent hydraulics
  • Structured, low-iron solar glass in the highest transmission class
  • Thermally optimised ventilation system
  • Secured against snow, hail and high loads
  • Superior, quality-assured design
  • A variety of formats – flexible in terms of sizes and connection options
  • Optimal thermal insulation
  • Can be combined with all heat sources
  • 10-year functional warranty
  • Solar Keymark certificate
  • Annual minimum yield > 525 kWh/m2 collector surface
  • Rapid return on investment

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