GASOKOL high-performance solar collectors. Full copper = Full power.

On-roof, in-roof, full-width. Uncompromising for maximum performance.

GASOKOL - THE SOLAR MANUFACTORY produces thermal solar systems at its site in Saxen in Upper Austria. Unique combination of manufactoring technology, quality control and technical experience enable us to deliver best of class products for over 30 years worldwide. 
  • Highly selective, full-copper absorbers with intelligent hydraulics
  • Structured, low iron solar glass
  • Thermally opitmised ventilation system
  • Snow, hail and high-load protection
  • Superior design
  • A variety of formats - flexible in terms of sizes and connection options
  • Optimal thermal insulation
  • Can be combined with all heat sources
  • 10 years functional warranty
  • Solar Keymark certificate
  • Annual minimum yield > 525 kWh/m2 collector surface
  • Rapid return on investment
GASOKOL aluminium and stainless steel fastener systems are perfectly matched to both the product and the various installation options. That allows optimal utilisation of roof surface through flexible collector combination. The sheet metal flashing made of anthracite grey aluminium sheeting for brick and fibre cement roofs makes for a visually attractive, watertight connection to the roof membrane.

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GASOKOL tank systems and fresh water technology

Solar tank systems for hygienic hot water. Compact, functional, high-performance.

GASOKOL tank systems are versatile and can be combined with a variety of heat generators. They are distinguished by their professional design, yield simulation and low energy consumption. The performance guarantee is based on economic and stable optimum planning, as well as expert assembly. 

GASOKOL‘s high-performance tank systems protect the heater while meeting individual needs with precision. Large heat exchanger surfaces, one or more coils and the thermoformed bottom pipe register significantly enhance efficiency. Tank systems are the primary component of both solar heating systems and conventional heating systems.

More information about GASOKOL tank systems. Here

GASOKOL freshoMat - freshwater module

For hygienic fresh water based on the continuous flow principle.

The concept behind the freshoMat freshwater module was to create a contemporary, comfortable solution for hygienically safe drinking water. A drinking water storage system subject to the risk of legionella growth is not necessary with freshoMat. The special hydraulic integration of the heat exchanger means that freshoMat is almost insensitiv to calcification.

GASOKOL sunTronic control technology and control systems

Simple, comfortable and reliable.

GASOKOL regulations and control systems are optimally matched to the needs of the operator. GASOKOL sunTronic regulations for easy operation and the desired comfort. sunTronic controls with large display are reliable, microprocessor-controlled and universally embeddable into the heating system.

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