10 good reasons for more independence.

1. Solar systems generate heat
For heating and hot water, for more independence, for a greater sense of well-being, for our environment,
to get more from life.

2. Solar systems save you real money
It is 100% certain that solar systems will reduce your heating costs. The power generated internally starts paying off from the very first day. Solar heating systems are economical, tried and tested, provide security and make you independent.

3. Solar systems are versatile
Solar water heating, solar building heating, solar swimming pool heating, solar process heat,
solar building structure activation, solar cooling.

4. Solar systems cover your every need
No matter the project you are tackling, solar heating systems are the solution for any field.
For new construction, restoration, renovation of homes, residential buildings, commerce and industry. With coverage of up to 100%.

5. Solar systems work
Solar heating systems convert the energy in sunlight into heat. They do so easily, even on cloudy days. The sun and/or light shines on the solar collector. Both are converted into heat by the absorber. The frost-proof carrier medium heats up and transports the heat into the tank through the pipeline.
The energy produced internally can already at this stage be used for hot water, heating, process heat and cooling.

6. Solar systems are simple
Depending on the installation site, your GASOKOL solar system can be fully assembled in just a few hours.
Just assemble and install, and you will be your own energy provider. The better planned, the less time and effort is required.

7. Solar systems are professional
GASOKOL systems are distinguished by their professional design and yield simulation. Roofs or open spaces facing south, southwest or southeast are the best places to install the systems. GASOKOL solar systems adapt to your local conditions, and not the other way around. Our expertise in developing individualised solutions is your guarantee.

8. Solar systems are tried and tested
Gasokol's customers operate solar systems that have been heating water and buildings day after day for the past 25 years. GASOKOL solar collectors are snow- and hail-safe as well as overload-protected. GASOKOL's product lifetime is the result of the quality standards we have employed from the very beginning. The Austria Solar quality seal confirms the tested high quality and environmental friendliness of GASOKOL solar collectors.

9. Solar systems are encouraged
Because of their sustainability, solar system operators receive state subsidies.
Many states and communities offer individual support as well.
And you also save on energy costs starting on the very first day.

10. Solar systems are the solution
Solar systems are the hallmark of economically-efficient, environmentally-friendly building owners.
They generate heat at no cost, with no noise and no emissions.

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