Corporate Social Responsibility

Social, environmental and economic responsibility in the organisation, in the region, and globally
GASOKOL assumes social responsibility far beyond its own place of business.
We implement ideas and actions for a sustainable future – both individually and collectively
Together with the organisations Habau, Baumann Glas, Count IT and the Red Cross of Upper Austria. 
This shared approach to responsible behaviour is the most important step toward securing sustainable industries. 

Successfully living up to constantly changing consumer expectations forms the basis for sustainable social and ecological commitment.

Far-sighted business management, fairness within the company, assuming social and environmental responsibility
We voluntarily accept these responsibilities, far beyond our legal obligations.

Erwin Gattringer, GASOKOL:
‘Corporate Social Responsibility has always been anchored in our mission statement. Our product speaks for itself. Working for both people and the environment, we take a holistic approach to the resource-conserving use of solar energy. We are aware of our responsibility toward future generations. Solar systems are the hallmark of economically-efficient, environmentally-friendly building owners. Our objective is to provide energy that does not consume natural resources – for greater independence and a better quality of life. Doing so, we create jobs, value and prosperity. 

As a family-run enterprise, the social welfare of all our employees is of major concern to us, as is their professional and personal development. Commitment and friendly dealings with one another enhance enjoyment of our work and mutual success. We promote independent initiative. Being a self-starter boosts self-esteem. Together with reliability, honesty and respect, a sense of responsibility is what lasting partnerships are made of.’

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