Energy autonomy by harnessing the sun and renewable energy sources 

As an enthusiastic pioneer in the use of sustainable energy sources, GASOKOL plans, configures and develops reliable heating technology and energy saving systems. 
Efficient total solutions as a product of both quality and technical skill guarantee the highest degree of customer satisfaction. 

GASOKOL offers an extensive product, service, and maintenance package – from personal advisory services to planning, implementation, delivery, installation and commissioning as well as technical maintenance. At GASOKOL's Sunshine Academy, we share our knowledge of innovation and the energy technologies of the future, thereby ensuring that consumers are able to benefit from optimised system solutions for profitable long-term use, together with our specialist partners. GASOKOL respectfully cultivates its relationships with all its dealers and suppliers, with care taken to ensure comprehensive cost efficiency. Together with reliability and honesty, a sense of responsibility is what lasting partnerships are made of. 

Think globally, act locally - this is how GASOKOL creates jobs, value and prosperity. As a family-run enterprise, the social welfare of all our employees is of major concern to us, as is their professional and personal development. We both share and assume economic responsibility as a team. Personal commitment, mutual respect, appreciation, and friendly dealings with one another form the basis of a pleasant working environment, work enjoyment and mutual success. 

GASOKOL is aware of its responsibility toward future generations. In the course of their daily dealings, all employees take care to act as role models in the conservation of scarce resources. On behalf of both people and the environment, GASOKOL employs a holistic approach to solar energy and naturally renewable raw materials. 

As part of a network comprising its suppliers and trade partners, GASOKOL provides solutions to harness solar and renewable energy sources with the objective of energy self-sufficiency. We follow the path from the system supplier to the energy supplier. Autonomous supply of heat, cooling and electricity secures economic independence, quality of life and environmental convenience for consumers. 

We back this up with our values: Enjoying our work – reliability – responsibility – respect – working in partnership – honesty 

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