Fully solar. More from life.

Fully solar heating with intelligent building structure activation. Buildings that practically heat and cool themselves.

The thermal energy recovered by the solar collectors is stored in structural concrete. Compared to traditional heat sources, as a thermal reservoir concrete guarantees a very comfortable indoor climate – including during extended periods without much sun. Depending on the building standard and user profile, a solar fraction of up to 100% can be used to supply heating energy requirements. This means that no CO2 is emitted for space heating and hot water heating, and that there are no energy costs. Any surplus energy can be fed into an existing district heating network, transferred to nearby properties or used as process heat.

100% solar-heated buildings. For private, commercial and industrial use.

Solar building structure activation is equally attractive for private, commercial and industrial properties. 
Solar activation of building structures ensures consistent room temperatures and an optimal indoor climate during winter and summer alike. The drafts and localised air turbulence characteristic of conventional heating systems do not occur, as the concrete thermal mass ensures uniform temperature stratification throughout the space. Solar activation of building structures is extremely energy efficient and can be used for both heating and cooling applications.

How solar activation of building structures works.

The solar system collects solar thermal energy and transports it into the heating buffer. From there the heat is fed into the building structure activated as the thermal reservoir. The energy is absorbed by the thermal mass and delivered into the interior space in a controlled fashion. Hot water is supplied via a buffer tank and the freshwater module for safe drinking water. Solar systems equipped with GASOKOL high-performance solar collectors achieve maximum collector field yield. This leads to maximum efficiency and makes it possible to avoid using fossil fuels.

The GASOKOL high-performance solar collector. Optimal solar building structure activation.

The gigaSol OR high-performance solar collector with highly selective solid copper absorbers was specially developed for buildings with solar building structure activation. Whether used in a pitched-roof, flat-roof or freestanding installation, the gigaSol OR can be used universally and can be scaled as needed. Gross areas of up to 11.07 m2 are offered for each gigaSol OR collector. The expansion-joint free absorber geometry with its plant-optimised connector positions enables special connection of up to 40 m2. The thermally optimised ventilation system further increases efficiency and improves the operating conditions. Rapid installation times and rapid return on investment in conjunction with durable design top the wish list of every plant operator.

‘Our customers operate solar systems that have been heating water and commercial properties day after day for the past 25 years. This product lifetime is the result of the quality standards we have employed from the very beginning. Solar heating systems are our core competency. Because of its outstanding performance characteristics, the gigaSol OR is an essential component when it comes to fully solar building structure activation,’ says Erwin Gattringer.

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